Privacy policy


If you are deeming to post comments, as a visitor, we are able to collect data that’s being shown by leaving an comment. Your IP-adres & browser user agent helps us to detect spam via normilize string, based on your e-mail, could be send towards gravatar service.


If you are deeming to be registerd member who sends a photograph, you do have to care upon not sending an photograph with some extensional data such as EXIF GPS location. Visitors could download the photograph and could look into your location-data.


At the moment you would visit the site, you would be asked to save your e-mail adress, name, adress, for the use of cookie data. They would be valid for a year.

When you would log on, do we safe temporary data, to check if your browerser would accept cookies. Your personal data would be deleted when clossing your browser.

When you would log on, do we save several data what contains about your log in info and website behaviour. Your log in data would be valid for two days, your website behaviour would be valid for a year. If you are deeming to press upon remeber me, your data would be safed and valid for two weeks. Would you log out of your account, at the same time of happening, your log in data would be deleted.

Embedded content & other sites

Post (video’s, photographs, messages) that we put on our website could contain embedded content. This embedded data behaves like any other website would do.

These websites could store and safe your data, use cookies, tracking from third parties, and monitor your interaction with embedded content.

Duration we would safe your data

New users data would be stored at the moment they register. Additional information, who they add more information, would create a user profile. All users could change, look in to, and delete information upon themselfes. Host could look in to this information, and has a right to change.

What right do you have upon your data

Users who are deeming to have account, could ask to collect their personal data via exportfile. You do have the right to ask us to delete your data. The data we collect doesn’t have to be safed by law, security reasoning, and administrative purposes.